Adele -  When we were young

        Ben Harper -  Better Way

        Bette Midler - The Rose

        Boyzone -  Let the message run free

        Brandi Carlile- The Eye

        Brightly beams - The Lower Lights

        Cat Stevens - Morning has broken

        De Kast -  Een nieuwe dag

        Don Henley - Everything is different now

        Elbow – The night will always win

        Era - Ameno

        Frankie Valli - Beggin’

        Goldplay – Fix you

        Helen Sjöholm - Gabriella's Sang (As It Is In Heaven)

        Herbert Grönemeyer - Halt Mich 

        Ilse de Lange - When we don’t talk

        Jason Mraz -  I won’t give up

        Jesus Christ Superstar - The last Supper 

        Karl Jenkins - Adiemus

        LeAnn Rimes & Brian McFadden - Everybody’s someone

        Lorde - Royals

        Mary Mary - Shackles

        Michael Jackson - Heal the World

        Nick & Simon - Pak maar m’n hand

        Oletta Adams - Windows of hope

        OneRepublic - Love runs out

        Only Voices - M.L.K.

        Pilot - Magic

        Queen - ‘39

        Queen - Innuendo

        Queen – You take my breath away

        Ruth Jaccott - Leun op mij

        Seal -  Kiss from a Rose

        Sinead ‘O Connor – In this Heart

        Sophie Hunger -  Spaghetti met spinat

        Stef Bos -  De stilte

        Sting - Fragile

        Supertramp - Lord is it mine

        The Beatles -  Blackbird

        The Beatles - Because

        The Cors - At your side

        The Lone Bellow – You never need nobody

        Tom Parker - The Commandments

        Traditional Hymn -  How great Thou art

        Trijntje Oosterhuis - De Zee

        Twarres -  Children

        Twarres - Stream

        Venice - If I were you

        Vienna Teng – The Hymn of Acxiom

        Whitney Houston - One moment in time

        Winnie Brückner - If

        Diverse kerstsongs